9 Surprising Ways a CRM Can Help Your Salon and Spa Business

When speaking of Customer Relationship Management Tools (CRM), what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Complicated software? A tool that helps you to store customer information? A database? You probably thought it is better to avoid the complicated CRM software and handling your business without using any software. But did you know, CRM does offer a lot of features that could help you increase your sales efficiency! With CRM you can close more deals, improve conversion rate, retain a relationship with your customers, and increase your business revenue.

1. Grow sales by better knowing your customer

One of the best features of CRM, it allows you to get to know your customer better! Through an accurate & consistent use of CRM, you will be surprised at how much information you can gather. CRM can help you to collect information based on various forms like feedback, personal information, survey, etc. With these features, you can make custom services and offers for your customer. Knowing their anniversary day allows you to get more personal by offering your customer their favorite treatment on their anniversary day.

2. Customer Segmentation

Not all customers are equal, every customer has different needs and personality. Some prefer a cheaper alternative, while others prefer quality over price. CRM gives you the advantage of creating multiple packages and promotion suitable for any type of customer. It is worth taking the time to identify your customers spending trends and create packages & promotions that suit different segments. 

3. Refocus sales and services to the existing customer

While finding a new customer is fairly important, but you will have more chances to close the sales if you do follow-up marketing to your existing customer. Setting your sales and services to focus more on them can radically improve your customer retention and branding. It also easier for you to deliver great service by checking out the existing customer past treatment history such as health conditions, preferences & past treatments. 

4. Make better decisions with automatic reports

Numbers don’t lie! When using a CRM you can get accurate reporting for sales, inventory, employee, etc. All information is ready for you, you do not need to gather it from scratch and analyze your business performance manually. Not to mention, a manual calculation will take a longer decision-making process, require more effort, and eventually give you inaccurate data. A CRM can give you a simple solution with just 1 click! These reports are available on-demand and can give you real-time information anytime, anywhere.

5. Blend Your CRM To Your Sales Process For Optimal Use

High efficiency can be achieved when CRM is configured to match your sales operation flow. It will totally change how you manage your business, It helps you easily track what your customer really wants and allows you to make better sales.

6. Integrated = Smarter Work

Why having a separate system when you can combine them all together and give the best impact on your business? it also saves you a lot of time and avoids human errors to enter the same data over and over again for a different system. Many modern CRM integrates with multiple business tools such as HR and Marketing applications.

7. Be Mobile

Having a traditional system that only available on your front desk PC is a thing of the past. Nowadays, it makes sense for your sales consultant to interact with customers directly with tablets rather than having the customer to come forward all the time. A CRM that supports mobile is more flexible where it allows you to access your real-time business information wherever you are.

8. Be Online

Everything is better if it could be accessed with your fingertips! So does your business! You can get a more stream of potential customers if you have an online presence such as websites and social media. CRM can help you take online bookings where it will be linked to your website. It is just more convenient and fast for your customers to discover your services online and straight go to the booking page. By allowing online booking, It will help you ease your employees from random phone calls and helps them to focus on giving the best service to your customers.

9. Ride-On A ‘Cloud’ Subscription

A one-time purchase software usually hard to be updated, you also still have to pay for expensive support and technical assistant. Cloud subscription is a better choice for a business that likes freedoms when wanting to start light with a low up-front fee! You can add-on more robust functionalities when your business needs to increase. It also offers greater protection from data loss, due to hard disk failures and corruption. You don’t have to worry about long term after-sales service, subscription-based CRM will give you reliable on-going technical support and allows new updates from time to time.

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