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email marketing

Like it or not, emails are the new normal. We are checking our emails every morning, browsing through daily Groupon newsletter in hoping to get lucky and stumble upon a great deal. It is also one of the non-invasive marketing you can do to keep in touch with your customers.

But, be cautious! Don't spam your customer with too many emails per month. This is to avoid your customer feeling annoyed by the endless email they are getting. Sending a moderate amount of emails is enough to allow them always memorializing your brand in the back of their mind.


Don't lose out on the good information that your customer holding back! get them to answer your survey! Last month, WESS has introduced a new survey form feature. This addition will help greatly in making your business decision. A complete all in one solution, so you don't have to spend more money on other software to evaluate your business.


It's Time! Understand your customer better with WESS new survey form builder! This feature will help you save time and eliminate the necessary workload. Now you can analyze your customer needs and convert it into more sales!

new year

For this upcoming Chinese New Year, it is good to set new beginnings and improving your business. A better way to start a new year is to aim at a better business management, increasing productivity and generate more customer base.


It's almost that time of the year again! If you haven't plan your marketing strategy already, we are here to help contribute a few ideas for your holiday campaign. With WESS, you can handle your marketing without even breaking a sweat. 


Just like any other social network, Instagram also has its own range of unique users worldwide. Using Instagram as a marketing tool will give exposure and a good reputation for your business. Moreover, Instagram users will follow your account if your feed is interesting and informative. Hence, to get more followers your account must be filled with beauty tips, beautiful photos, and your customer success stories.


Photo credit: goMainstream via / CC BY

Groupon is a great marketing tool, but it also has its pros and cons for your business. There is no doubt that Groupon can be a nightmare for small businesses. If you feel the need to expose your Beauty, Spa, and Salon brand to new customers or simply clearing out your inventory, you can give Groupon a try, but make sure you proceed with caution. 


Rejoice! WESS new feature allows your customer to book an Online Appointment anytime, anywhere. It also can strengthen your customer service and reach out to a younger generation who prefer online booking instead of phone calls. Moreover, your business will give convenience to your customer by having more options to book an appointment.