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CRM tools for business

When speaking of Customer Relationship Management Tools (CRM), what is the first thing that comes to your mind? A complicated software? A tool that helps you to store a customer information? A database? You probably thought it is better to avoid the complicated CRM software and handling your business without using any software. But did you know, CRM does offer a lot of features that could help you increase your sales efficiency! With CRM you can close more deals, improve conversion rate, retain a relationship with your customers and increase your business revenue.

more customer

Online booking system brings a lot of benefits to your business, but it could take some time to let your beloved customer changing the usual way they book an appointment. Encouraging your customer to book online can increase your business productivity while booking on the phone can be time-consuming and it also needs your full attention. The more your customer book online, the more it would help you to reduce your front office from clutter.

fathers day

Father's day is approaching! You must be wondering if there is any possibility for your spa and salon to jump on the bandwagon and taking advantage for this fathers day. Men usually will spend less money on gifts and not a target market for fathers day. But, no worries! all hope is not lost! You can shift your focus on targeting their spouse and daughter instead!

Nail Salon

Operating a nail salon can be quite a handful and it will always need your utmost attention. But did you know that a Salon software can help ease your daily business activity for your nail salon? Not Just that, it also helps you save a lot more! you can now splurge all your money on things that really matter for your business. With WESS, you can grow and achieve a true potential of your nail salon business and manage more store without breaking a sweat!

email marketing

Mother's day is just around the corner! you probably have a few marketing plans on your mind for this celebration.  As a Beauty, Spa or Salon owner this is the marketing opportunity you can't miss. But fresh new ideas is always hard to get, If you are short of ideas, we are here to help you with these few tips for your mother's day campaign.

email marketing

Like it or not, emails is the new normal. We all love checking our emails every morning, browsing through daily Groupon newsletter in hoping to get lucky and stumble upon a great deal. It is also one of a non-invasive marketing you can do to keep in touch with your customers.

But, be cautious! Don't spam your customer with too many emails per month. This is to avoid your customer feeling annoyed by the endless email they are getting. Sending a moderate amount of emails is enough to allow them always memorializing your brand in the back of their mind.


Don't lose out the good information that your customer holding back! get them to answer your survey! Last month, WESS has introduced a new survey form feature. This addition will help greatly in making your business decision. A complete all in one solution, so you don't have to spend more money on other software to evaluate your business.


It's Time! Understand your customer better with WESS new survey form builder! This feature will help you save time and eliminate necessary workload. Now you can analyze your customer needs and convert it into more sales!