Happy & motivated team make a difference!

Happy & motivated people in your team helps you to meet your business goals more consistently. They will go the extra mile and taking the initiative to make beautiful things. Delivering happiness to the team shall be your top business value.

Monthly commission payout is like never before!

Going through tons of excel files and hammering the calculators trying to pay out the commission on time are challenging. Employees were confused, unhappy with any discrepancy, and this hurt their morale.

 The repetitive routine makes the account manager feel uninspired. She/He will think of his/her skill shall put to better use. Customize and automated the commission shall better help the team with happiness, clarity, and transparency.

Automated scheduling to increase productivity

Managing the scheduling of the employee can be challenging due to various factors. Messy scheduling can lead to unhappy employees. Unhappy employees feel unfairly treated and not motivated.

Better scheduling helps to improve productivity and promote fairness and transparency.

Employee performance analytics

Everyone needs a mentor, need guidance, need a leader to bring out their best. Employee performance analytics allow you to zoom in on how they perform with clarity.

With the right tools, it helps you to tailor different approaches to motivate and coach the employee. We hope we can help the individual to reach their full potential.