4 Benefits of WESS Payroll Can Bring To Your Business

Are You Ready for Amendment of the Employment Act?

From 1 April 2016, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) will require all employers to issue itemised payslips and key employment terms (KETs) to employees covered under the Employment Act.
There are dozens of payroll solutions in the market, but which one will be right for your business?

WESS, the leading Cloud-based Business Management Software for the Beauty, Hair, Salon and Spa Industry in Singapore, is introducing its the latest addition: WESS Payroll, an integrated payroll solution that is compliant to the amended Employment Act.

How WESS can help?

Our new Cloud-based Payroll Solution is equipped with all payroll features compliant with MOM requirements:

  1. Integrated Payroll with updated compliance to Employment Act.
  2. Generate itemize payslips & KETS.
  3. Automatic generation of CPF file.
  4. Automatic generation of IR8A document.
  5. Seamless Commission calculation with Payroll.
  6. Including Time Attendance & Leave Management.

4 reasons why you should choose WESS payroll?

Here’re some of the reasons why WESS should be your choice for payroll solution:

1. All-in-one solution to simplify your business management

WESS is tailored exclusively for your business. It is equipped with easy but comprehensive features. Together with Payroll solution, it makes the perfect All-in-one solution!

2. Employees commission auto-include into the payslip

Spending too much time to do payroll for your employees? Instead of calculating the payroll and commissions for your employees manually, WESS provide you a way to do it with a breeze. Auto calculation of employee commissions and have it beautifully include into the payroll. It’s going to save you a lot of times.

3. Maintaining employee records in one solution

It is easy and secure to keep your employee records in WESS, just in 1 solution. Don’t need the hassle to run another payroll solution to maintain the records.

4. Time-Saving, more productively & cut the cost

With WESS and WESS Payroll, you don’t need another payroll solution. You can learn faster as you are already familiar with WESS. You can save cost without maintaining separate solutions.

Need more reason? Sign up for a WESS demo! 

(*Note: WESS Payroll is currently for Singapore Customers only)