4 Best Ways to Boost Your Sales for this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, if you are wondering about how to gain more sales, you are in luck. Aside from love, this day is also synonym with an idea of beauty and wellness, it is not a secret that the Spa and Salon package is a perfect gift for this special occasion.

A creative Valentine’s day marketing will not just boost your sales but also allows you to gain a new customer for future promotions. Furthermore, you can target this campaign to men whereas men tend to spend more for their loved ones. To plan your effective Valentine’s day campaign strategy, you can check out research done by GICR about 2015 Valentine’s consumer survey.

1. Valentine’s Couples Spa Day

Other than a common Valentine’s day ritual such as fine dining and cinema, couples also can indulge themselves by spending time together for relaxation and romantic treatment. Creating a new sensational romantic treatment with chocolate, strawberry, rose petal and champagne can add spice to their spa experience. Naming this new treatment into creative Valentine’s name in your advertisement will also catch their attention to your business.

2. Valentine’s Day Gift Cards 

Selling Gift cards is a must in this time of the year. Men Customer would be most likely to buy this as a gift for their loved ones. You can sell this gift card with a variety of treatment or you can set up a monthly treatment for a year. In addition, giving a good promotional price for this gift cards will be hard for them to resist. This will also help you to cover your sales for the entire year.

3. Valentine Gifts to your customer

Giving your customer a single stalk of rose or any other gifts for this Valentine’s day is good customer service. This will make your customer fall in love with your business and make them feel warm at heart by receiving the unexpected gift from you. Keeping a good relationship with your customer is important for your future sales. Returning customer is proven to spend more money on your business and also could bring their friends to the business they trust.

4. Don’t Forget the Singles

Single people want to have fun too, instead of letting them stay at home and avoiding Valentine’s day, you can give them a special discount for their own self-indulgence and retreat. You also can host a single ladies session where it can include mani-pedi, facial or massage treatment.

For an effective Valentine’s day campaign, you can reach out to your customer by using SMS and email newsletter. If you are a user of WESS you can send it by choosing your target market based on gender, city and age with just a single click.