4 ways Pokémon Go can help your Beauty, Spa, and Salon Business

Most people you know are talking about Pokémon Go, in case you haven’t heard, Pokémon Go is a virtual reality game created by Niantic, Inc and it is a latest viral game on the internet, this game already outranks big social network like Twitter and Facebook. You may think this game has nothing to do with your business, but since the Pokémon Go worldwide launch, it already helps a lot of local businesses to thrive. 

Creative tagline related to Pokémon Go like “Protect your skin from UV while catching them all” works like a charm on social media if you want to clear out your skincare product. This marketing strategy is a good way to help your Beauty, Spa, and Salon business finding a new potential customer literally come at your front door. It’s time to pick up your phone and install Pokémon go to experience it yourselves! 

Here are 4 ways Pokémon Go can help your Beauty, Spa, and Salon Business:

1. Discount for showing Pokémon

Let players show the total Pokemon they have caught or their favorite Pokémon like Charmander, Pikachu, Squirtle, etc in exchange for any treatment discount in your Spa or Salon. Sharing your discount information on Facebook might allow it to gain popularity by Pokémon Go fans. This will attract more people visiting just simply because they love Pokémon Go and any business associated with it.

2. Give Free Pokémon Lure at Nearby PokeStop

Finally, there is a game that brought people outdoors, keeping people healthy, and achieves their 10,000 steps goals. The reason Pokémon Go player walking around through PokéStop is to get more items such as Eggs and Pokéballs. If there is a lure module installed, they might stay there and wait for Pokémon to spawn. Some premises are lucky enough to be a PokéStop or a gym. Check out if your premise is one of them or if you don’t have any, figure out where is the nearest PokéStop and offer them a free lure module. For instance, a Pizzeria and local bars simply install a lure module which only costs $1 for an hour to get the crowd to come ordering foods and drinks.

3. Free Pokémon Related Merchandise

Let the players know you offer free gifts by putting a sign in front of your Spa or Salon. Passerby players would be intrigued to come into your store and get their Pokemon free gifts. Hook them up by making every purchase comes with free gifts like Pokémon Go team badges or t-shirt.

4. Discount for nearest Pokémon Gym Team 

Last but not least, check out for any nearest Pokémon Gym around your premise. Giving a discount or vouchers for any team that dominates the nearest Gym will give them a rewarding feeling after what they have accomplished. This also helps to increase your branding awareness for being such a sport for the game.

So what do you think? should you give it a try? Using Pokemon Go is a free and low-cost way to attract millennials to your Beauty, Spa, and Salon business. Better join the craze before it’s over and stay tuned for Pokémon Go updates from Niantic, Inc where it might help a local business bloom.

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