[Video] 6 awesome features that WESS can help to improve your business

We are excited to introduce our new short animation video. This fun 1-minute video explains a solution to your everyday burden from the front office to the back office. This video also illustrates how WESS can help your Beauty, Salon, and Spa business. Check it out and we hope you enjoy it!

Choosing the right software solution for your Beauty, Salon, and Spa business can be tricky. Thankfully, with this video, we are able to explain the impact of WESS to your business. WESS able to ease your burden and allow you to focus on planning for your business future, such as reaching out to more customer and business growth.  

To elaborate the video further, here are 6 important things WESS can help to improve your business:-

1. Appointment Scheduling

Now you can rest assured that, there are no more thick appointment books and duplicate appointments on the same time slot. The WESS Appointment feature can help you to solve all your appointment problems. Furthermore, your precious data is safe and sound in the WESS cloud server. With WESS, your customer will be able to book an appointment online, hence it will reduce your front office burden and you can focus more on delivering a better service to your customer.

2. Seamless Experience Point of Sales

WESS’s Point of Sales is designed to be minimal and flexible. Other than that, It is also integrated with appointments and other parts of WESS. This allows your employee to use the POS system with ease and make your sales transaction smoother. Furthermore WESS Clear and accurate sales reporting will help you to plan ahead for the next day. 

3. Inventory Management

Inaccurate inventory can affect your business performance. If you use excel for your inventory, it will be hard to track that best selling product on the shelves and figure out which product you need to restock. WESS Report allows you to analyze your inventory statistic and performance. WESS can ensure you a 100% accuracy for your inventory.

4. Commission Calculation

Payroll feature in WESS can save your valuable time from manually calculate commission for your employees with Auto Commission Calculation. It is not just that, Payroll feature also integrated with the latest compliance, Itemised Payslips, KETS, auto-generate CPF files, etc. 

5. Customer Engagement

Return back customers is important and the marketing expenses are cheaper than getting new customers, but keeping them on the hook can be a real challenge. You can attract existing customers with the WESS marketing feature, these features enable you to deliver the latest promotions and vouchers with bulk SMS and emails. It is easier and efficient with WESS to choose specific criteria for your target market such as age, gender, birthday, and location. This will save you time and unnecessary costs.

6. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The customer isn’t always right, but if you don’t listen to them your product and service won’t be either. Taking care of your customer should be a no 1 priority to keep your business thriving. You can strengthen your customer relationship by remembering their name and learn a little bit about them. WESS allows you to store your customer’s personal information, treatment history, feedback, etc. Furthermore, by awarding a reward point to your customer is a great way to keep a good relationship with them.

There are many other ways WESS can help your Beauty, Salon, and Spa business.

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