6 Tips to Maintain Customer Loyalty for Your Business

Having more customers means more sales. In order to make sure your customer increasing daily, you have to keep a relationship with them. You can’t survive having to attract new customers alone. Not to mention, it could cost you a fortune to do marketings. Return back customers usually tend to trust your business and giving you more sales by recommending their friends and family. This is why maintaining customers are necessary to ensure your business keeps booming.

Here are 6 awesome tips you should consider to keeps their loyalty:

1. Know Your Customer

The first step to truly know your customer is by keeping their record. Remembering their name could help you reach out to them on a personal level. Not only you will be able to figure out their favorite treatment package and their treatment history, but you also can keep track of their visits. Moreover, you are able to do SMS and email marketing to increase your sales.

2. Reduce Wait Times

Don’t let your customer wait too long in line. It is crucial for you to figure out a creative way to serve your customer once they’re at your door. Keeping an appointment record also helps to make sure everything is manageable. Most customers are able to wait for at least 5 to 10 minutes. Other than that, they would think your business is in poor management. 

3. Be their Friends

Train your employee to be friendly with customers. It will make them feels like they are visiting their friend’s Beauty Salon. Being nice to them and knowing where they live or work could attract them to come back. Greeting them by name made them feel recognized and important.

4. Keep them on the hook

Make them as an instance member for first-time treatment, get their phone number, name, and email. You can use that record later for treatment history and marketing. Another good idea is to create a reward point system. Giving out a reward point serves your customer a purpose to come to your business, collecting 10 points for a free treatment bring satisfaction to your customer. 

5. Keeping Your Eye on the Competition

Let your employee become a customer for any near competitor in your area. Find out what you lack and how your competitors always have their customers in a waiting line. Ask your employee important questions like how do they feel once entered the premise, are they welcomed? how long do they wait? are the staff ignoring customers? how did they feel leaving the premise?. These questions allow you to make comparisons for your business and help you to keep the customer coming back.

6.  Be flexible with your policy

Last but not least, every customer is a unique individual having unique problems. When handling their problems you don’t need necessarily follow your company policy. Be reasonable to solve customers problems and complaints. If you show you cared and listened to their opinion, where you give what they want once in a while, they will likely return.

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