5 Creative Marketing Strategies for CNY

For this upcoming Chinese New Year, it is good to set new beginnings and improving your business. A better way to start a new year is to aim at a better business management, increasing productivity and generate more customer base.

Here are 5 ways for you to make your Beauty, Spa, and Salon Business better in this Rooster year:

1. Automated Payroll – Spending hours to calculate commission?

Are you still calculate the commission manually, routinely every month, and take lots of time? If yes, it is time to change. You can do it with automated commission calculation. With an integrated payroll system that is compliant to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), the complete HR system will power up productivity.

2. Targeted Marketing – Unsure of marketing results?

Effective marketing gives you a better ROI. Blast out Birthday SMS to the Customers that birthday falls in February. Create a VIP promotion and only market to the VIP group of customers. Total relevant, lots of appreciation.

3. Take Booking Anyway – Can you take booking 24/7?

Your Business may not be open, but your customer can book the next appointment around the clock.  When providing an online booking platform, not only it will free up your front desk, it also encourages your customer to book at the comfort of their home, 24/7. With automated reminders, it can further reduce no-show.

4. Selling Prepaid & Credit – Do you know your income vs liability?

Selling promotional prepaid & credit may encourage your customers to buy your services & products. As you are collecting money in advance, you need a reliable system to accurately manage your income vs liability. Remember, income should only be recognized after your customer has made the redemption.

5. Get immediate info on your business – Can you get instant info on your business?

You are on your holiday trip, you can’t wait for your manager to send the report over to you. You need some key information now! Sometimes a decision needs to be made immediately. You need a system that you can give you an instant snapshot of your business health, 24/7.

WESS provides all in one solution for your Beauty, Spa, and Salon business, from front-office to back-office. Correspondingly, it will ease your daily business activity and helps you to make your business better.