Introducing WESS New Feature: Survey Form

It’s Time! Understand your customer better with WESS new survey form builder! This feature will help you save time and eliminate the necessary workload. Now you can analyze your customer needs and convert it into more sales!

Here are the 3 awesome features of WESS Survey Form Builder:

1. Easy Survey Builder

Pre-planned your survey question and just Drag and Drop to create it. You can create this survey, anywhere anytime and publish it with just 1 click.

2. Real-Time Survey Results

The second your survey is created, you can view and analyze the survey result in real-time, you also will be able to view individual survey responses for a more detailed answer.

3. Robust Analytics

Receive an accurate report, auto-generated. All responses will be shown in quantity and percentage, so it will be easy for you to analyze your data.

Achieve your goals faster with these valuable tools and plan ahead your marketing effortlessly. With WESS, you can keep your survey data simple, organize, and safe within the 1 system. Now you can go worry-free and focus on improving your customer experience.

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