7 ways to improve your Beauty, Spa and Salon Branding on Instagram

Just like any other social network, Instagram also has its own range of unique users worldwide. Using Instagram as a marketing tool will give exposure and a good reputation for your business. Moreover, Instagram users will follow your account if your feed is interesting and informative. Hence, to get more followers your account must be filled with beauty tips, beautiful photos, and your customer success stories.

It is also important to study your competitor’s Instagram account and compare it with your own account. Not only it will make your Instagram account better than them but it also helps you gain a reputation for your Instagram account. 

Design is important for your business branding on Instagram. Don’t worry if you did not have a required design skill, you can easily design with free design editor online. Before you started, you should plan your Instagram marketing strategies and choose an appropriate theme for your Instagram account to create a seamless experience for your Instagram visitor. Check out this best brand on Instagram for your reference.

1. Take a Good Photo

People use Instagram to browse beautiful photos, thus producing quality content is necessary. You can learn basic mobile photography to capture your audience’s attention. Professional photographers will stay away from Instagram filters and you should too! you can use other photo editing apps like VSCO or Snapseed to produce a better quality photo to upload. If cost is not an issue, you can invest in a good DSLR or Mirrorless camera which will increase your branding reputation. Other than that, A good mobile phone camera will work just fine.

2. Share Customer Result and Feedback

Upload or Repost your customer photo on your Instagram will show that you have a good relationship with your customers. It will also give your new customer a reason to book an appointment with your business. To Repost a photo from your customer Instagram account, you can use Repost apps downloaded to your mobile phone, but don’t forget to ask their permission first before posting.

3. Step Up Your #Hashtag Game

Using Hashtag is a way you can get discovered by the stream of users you want to target. The more hashtag you provide, the more likely your post will get discovered. Try experimenting with which hashtag is effective and get you more relevant likes and engagement. You can use some popular or trending hashtag as long as it is related to your post. In addition, adding your own hashtag will make it easy for your customer to find a post related to your business.

4. Pay for a Shout Out

If you have an extra budget to splurge on your marketing, you can pay famous Instagrammers for a shout out or a review of your services. Choose a famous Instagrammer related to beauty, hair or relaxation will allow your business to be discovered by your target customer. Make sure the account owner share your appointment booking link or shout out your Instagram link for your potential customer to follow.

5. Be Social to Increase Engagement

Browse photo on Instagram, comment on a post, and like photos but making sure your comment is genuine and not appear too spammy, you would be surprised how many users will return the favor and end up following your Instagram account. There is nothing to lose for you to follow your targeted customers. It makes it easier for them to discover your business and get them to follow you back. 

6. Post everyday stories with Instagram Stories

Instagram’s new features allow users to update moments in their life with Instagram stories, you could do a daily update about your salon and spa or daily promotion for your business. Take note, the stories will be deleted in 24 hours, share something unique every day will build up their trust and interest in your business.

7. Important Appointment Booking Link

Instagram only allows one link to be displayed in your account introduction details. This is where you should include a call-to-action link, make sure this link is for your Appointment booking page to let customers directly book at your website.

The bottom line, Instagram is one of the great platforms to build up your branding, a well-planned marketing strategy, and good quality content is all you need to boost your business reputation. Keep on experimenting with what works for your branding.