Introducing WESS New Feature: Online Booking

Rejoice! WESS new feature allows your customer to book an Online Appointment anytime, anywhere. It also can strengthen your customer service and reach out to a younger generation who prefer online booking instead of phone calls. Moreover, your business will give convenience to your customer by having more options to book an appointment.

An Online Appointment could reduce customer waiting time and help you to manage your appointment scheduling effectively. Even during peak hours, your business will run smoothly without the hassle to be on the phone all the time.

If you’re still not convinced, here are the 4 advantages of WESS online appointment for your business:

1. Simplify Front Office Workload

Now you can focus more on delivering a great service! let your customer fill up the appointment details for you on the online appointment form. All you have to do is assign each booking inquiries to an available time slot.

The problem with the traditional appointment system is that you will need full attention for a phone booking appointment. By informing your existing customer that you offer an online appointment could minimalize your incoming calls by at least 80%.

2. Convenience for Online Marketing

Plan a better marketing strategy, allow a new potential customer to book a promotional service online by creating a Call to action button for your appointment. This will give them a sense of urgency to book an appointment whenever you do marketing online.   

3. Reduce no-shows, Accept First and Schedule Later

Always had trouble with No-Show customers? WESS online appointment will keep a record for customers with no-show history. You could also receive multiple bookings and schedule them later based on the availability of the time slot.

4. Your Business is Open Around the Clock

Your premise may be close, but your business will keep running. The customer will be able to book your service for the next day. The online appointment will be available 24/7 for customers to book their appointment.

If you are still using a traditional appointment system, now it is time for a change!