4 Strategies to Get Better at Email Marketing

Like it or not, emails are the new normal. We are checking our emails every morning, browsing through daily Groupon newsletter in hoping to get lucky and stumble upon a great deal. It is also one of the non-invasive marketing you can do to keep in touch with your customers.

But, be cautious! Don’t spam your customer with too many emails per month. This is to avoid your customer feeling annoyed by the endless email they are getting. Sending a moderate amount of emails is enough to allow them always memorializing your brand in the back of their mind.

Here are 4 tips that could help you to step up your email marketing:

1. In-Store Sign up

Potential customers can come from everywhere. Sometimes they found you online, sometimes they walk past by your window and decided to come in. Wherever they came from, please don’t miss this golden opportunity to get connected with them.

If they are reluctant to sign up and leave their email, offer them a small gift as appreciation. Let them know your business is friendly and will welcome them anytime. You could also ask their email for e-receipt thus you can get their email for a future follow up. Who knew they might come back for more of your services.

2. Responsive e-mail design

An interactive and awesome email design is one of the key successes for email marketing. Get your customer’s attention with attractive taglines and images. Don’t have technical knowledge for email design? no worries, You can use MailChimp as easy drag and drop email design tools where later you can easily copy and paste the HTML and CSS code of the email’s design into your email editor. 

Ps: Please ensure you send the email to yourself first to check how it will look like before sending bulk emails to your customers.

3. Give an attractive offer or a discount code

Hand out that buy 1  free 1 discount code will get your customer to bring their friends. The more the merrier! You also can give a time-limited promotion for a sense of urgency. Other than that, be patient and keep prompting the emails in their inbox where one day they might be interested in giving a try to an offer they can’t resist.

4. Specific Targeting

You can think of a thousand things to do for specific targeting. Either celebration for an august month birthday or a women’s international days. Be Creative with your marketing. Targeting the right crowd with the right message is proven to be effective.

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