3 tips to attract more customer to book online for your spa and salon

An online booking system brings a lot of benefits to your business, but it could take some time to let your beloved customer changing the usual way they book an appointment. Encouraging your customer to book online can increase your business productivity while booking on the phone can be time-consuming and it also needs your full attention. The more your customer book online, the more it would help you to reduce your front office from clutter.

Here are 3 tips on how to get more customers to book online:

1. Keep reminding them 

Share the good news on your social media! do it repeatedly so your customer will not forget. Let them know the advantages of booking online than traditional phone bookings. Slip in the online booking link on every post to increase the chance of them to book online. You can use a URL shortener from https://bitly.com/ to keep your post tidy from a long URL. Educate your customer on how to book online could indirectly show them the ease of online booking.

2. Give them a discount if they book Online

Discount get attention! A business that has an e-commerce site will give a special discount for the online members. Other than spread out this discount news online, emails, and SMS marketing; you also can put a sign on your premise to let an offline customer know this benefit of online booking. You can put up the sign on your front desk or your door entrance, anywhere you think will easily visible to your customer. 

3. Call to action 

The first thing when customer browsing through your website is to look up the pricing and service you offered, but you also need to make sure their attention easily glued to the call to action button. This button allows your customer to easily access the booking page. We recommend you put your booking links in multiple places on your website. By creating an obvious design of the call to action button in your social media also fairly important, you can attach your online booking link with a button image to get your customer’s attention. 

WESS is a Spa and Salon Management Software that provide a good online booking platform where you can easily manage your booking with just drag and drop to the time slot. This will ensure you run your business effectively by saving your time and operating costs. Now you can get more appointments booked 24/7 with no worries in mind.

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