Is your Beauty Salon on Naughty List? 5 Ways NOT to Fail your Christmas Campaign

Ho Ho Ho! The most beautiful time of the year will arrive in a few weeks! Make sure your beauty salon is not on Santa’s naughty list! Have you started your Christmas marketing campaign? In any way you do it, you can always aim to sell more during this gift-giving season. Here are 5 tips to improve your Christmas marketing campaign so you can get crossed off from naughty list! 

1. You didn’t put enough time into the campaign

It is discouraging when you don’t get any result from the campaign in the first week. It always helps to start your campaign a few weeks early before Christmas day. This way, your campaign will have a longer time frame to reach its full potential finally. Set your target on how many gift card and gift basket you want to sell. It allows you to determine your campaign performance.

2. Not Following Social Media Trend

The internet is a vast area of free entertainment! Make sure you are alert what’s going on in your local community. Don’t be a boring brand; start getting involved with the latest trend to win Y generation heart for your branding. For example, the newest trend that related to Christmas is “You’ve heard, Elf on the shelf” meme. This will help you generate more engagement in the comment section! Now you know the secret, use this power responsibly!

3. Targeting Wrong Market

Targeting Marketing seems easy on the surface, but do you know your customer? Are there more women than men coming to your salon? Do they celebrate Christmas? While other religions enjoy Christmas too. You can focus more on your customer that celebrate Christmas as they will likely buy from you.

4. Poor Ads / Campaign

Sometimes the ads you posted is not interesting enough. This could be from the unattractive offer, or the design of the advertisements are not stand out. If you have extra cash to splurge, hiring designer and copywriter for your ads will work wonders. When everything is on point, we can assure you that your ads will take off in no time. Your Campaign timing is equally important. Track down the time when your potential customer’s most active on social media. Posting your campaign at a wrong time will make your effort gone down the drain.

5. Not having a Beauty Software to Run your Business

Beauty software will help you manage your business. We are leaving you more time for planning your business decision and peace of mind. It can handle everything from your appointment schedule to employee management. It is better to choose a subscription-based cloud management software like WESS. It allows you to access your business anytime and anywhere. It is easy to maintain and helps you manage your online bookings 24/7 even when your business is closed for the day.

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