November Sales: Singles’ Day or Black Friday? 8 Marketing Tips for Your Beauty Salon

In case you haven’t got the memo, November month is famous for Sales! We have 3 big sales day to celebrate this month which are 11.11 (singles’ day), Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. These big sales will make your customer swoon your products like crazy! Are you still feel unconvinced? Check out the numbers, Singapore seems to be leading in Black Friday trending last year.

If you didn’t have any clue what these days are all about. 11.11 is about the celebration of Singles Bachelor, originated from China since the year 1993. While Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a day after Thanksgiving originated from the US, recently, these days grow its popularity in SEA countries. So why not join the bandwagon and preyed on this popular sales marketing strategy.

Here are 8 Marketing tips for your Beauty, Spa, and Salon:

1. Selling Bulk Treatment Coupon at Crazy Prize 

Look back at last few years sales pattern, find out when is your business having the slowest season. Now you can create more coupon, and you can allow them to redeem it during your quiet business day. This will help your beauty salon thriving and productive during that period.

2. Time to Clean your Unsellable Inventory

Do you still have that last year inventory? Or your previous campaign didn’t go well? Why not clear up some rooms and sell it at a reasonable price! The sales day doesn’t have to be in one day. Make it a week if you have to! Let all your old inventory out before it expired. This way, you didn’t have to lose more money when you are making sales.

3. Black Friday Products and Gift Certificate Sales

Let your customer prepare early for this Christmas! Most of the customer will shop on this day to prepare for a Christmas gift. Sell them at a discounted price they can’t refuse. You could also introduce a product package as a gift for your customer.

4. Let your Existing Client Knows About the Promotion

When is the last time that particular clients have a treatment in your beauty salon? Ask them to come back! Don’t rely on new customers only. Step up your game by doing some re-marketing to your existing customer. Increase customer retention, so you can to spend less on marketing.

5. Last Minute Offer

We all love to procrastinate! If you simply don’t have the time or in need a sales boost. It is never too late to make the last-minute offer! A time-sensitive technique has a higher chance to succeed. This 2,3 hours last-minute sales will give a sense of urgency for your customer to decide to buy finally. 

6. Start your Sales Day Early

Why compete with the crowd? The first bird gets the worm! Try to start your sales early, It will prepare your customer for the sales, and you can get more word of mouth marketing going on until the actual sales day finally arrived.

7. Gain more Likes and Share in Exchange for a discount

Social media popularity is essential! If you have more social media engagement, more customer will come to your doorstep. Here is one idea to get you started, you can make a Facebook post and let the discount code unlock if it reaches 100 shares. But make sure you can handle the crowd, be creative with the post to ensure you get the best outcome.

8. Collect Customer Information for Future Marketing

Make room in your database for your new customers. Collect your new customer the necessary information for your sales funnel. This way, you can always do a follow-up marketing with them in the future.

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