Top 5 Spa and Salon Marketing Ideas

It is time to step up the game and keep up with this year trend! We are here to help you sort out the important marketing trend that we have seen more popularity growth from last year. Here are 5 marketing ideas we think could help your business continuing shine!

1. Be smart on social media!

There are many social media features you can use for your marketing benefits! One of the useful tools that gains a lot of popularity is Instagram stories. You can now indirectly increase more engagement through it and track your viewer. It is suitable for 1 to 1 marketing, and you also get to know more about your follower habits. Another way to increase more engagement is to reduce marketing element in your everyday post. The netizen uses social media for browsing news and good times. This way, they don’t feel intrusive with your post. A Facebook algorithm will also help give your post visibility as a priority since you post something your followers will like!

2. Go LIVE or go home!

Almost every social media platform offer a live feature! To mention a few Instagram, Facebook and BIGO LIVE are pretty popular when you want to interact real-time with your consumer. You will be likely to sell more on live streaming because customer interested to buy and ask you directly just like a typical brick and mortar store. Live features on Facebook will give you more benefits than you realize! Facebook is always trying to reach more viewer if you live stream with them! You can start to gather free followers ask them to like and share your Facebook page, do a fun contest and give the best discount while clearing your old inventory! Make it more interesting. There is always a good reason to invest and invite social media influencer to get a more suitable audience for your niche market.

3. Spice up your blog!

Blogging figuratively exists since the beginning of time, but it still works! People like to read and be informed. The important thing is writing something relevant and trendy to keep up with your readers! Add new content every week will increase more visibility to more people! Blogging is an important part of your effort in branding exposure. Try squeeze a few hours every week to write up some latest hair trend and beauty tips that get a lot of attention online.

4. Keep up with times

We all moving forward! The technology we have now require everyone to have things fast and easy. For instance, a cashless payment gaining its popularity since you don’t have the trouble to get a hold of coins and count your money. Online booking and sound business management software play an important role in giving your customer a seamless experience. When everything in order, it is easier for you to gain more sales without the clutter in the front office and back office.

5. Target more locals!

Learn how to do geolocation marketing! Make sure you specialize local SEO in the area near your premise. It is always wise to take care of your local customer, and your assumption may be near to their workplace or home. They may walk past to your premise every day. It is more relaxed and comfortable for them to be your regular customer rather than going far to do the same services. By doing this, you will increase more long-term customer in your local community.

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